Professional Development

improve range of motion

Physio techniques to improve range of motion – what works and what’s a waste of time!

As Physiotherapists, we often need to improve range of motion as one of our clinical goals for injury recovery. But with so many different ...
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physio advice for prescribing running shoes

An easy 5 step guide for Physiotherapists prescribing running shoes

Physiotherapists are in a perfect position to be prescribing running shoes for our patients. We have insights into their injuries, their biomechanics and their ...
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don't ask for a pay rise

Don’t ask for a pay rise, justify it!

Asking for a pay rise can be scary! It’s confronting to ask your boss for more coin. But it’s the way you present it ...
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clinical reasoning

Clinical reasoning: 3 simple ways to improve your thinking

Your clinical reasoning is only as good as the information that you feed it! Getting a clear answer from a patient can be a ...
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apta physical therapy courses and apa physiotherapy courses

Are APTA/APA physiotherapy courses the best option?

Newly-graduated Physiotherapists often wonder how they can advance their skills. Are APTA/APA physiotherapy courses the best way to go? Should I do one of ...
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