Physio CPD quiz

We’ve prepared these Physio CPD quizzes to test your Physio knowledge of different topics.

Each test focuses on an aspect of clinical practice and is suitable for all levels of experience.

These CPD tests are designed to complement our case studies to test and build clinical knowledge.

As we release a new quiz, we’ll post it on our Facebook page – join us to stay updated.

running injury questions

10 difficult Running injury questions for Physiotherapists

This CPD quiz poses 10 running injury questions to challenge Physiotherapists. This quiz is appropriate for ...
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lower limb trivia

Lower limb trivia quiz – scoring 10/10 is nearly impossible!

This lower limb trivia quiz is a bit of fun and a big challenge for Physiotherapists ...
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knee injury quiz

Knee injury quiz for experienced Physios

This knee injury quiz is designed to test the clinical knowledge of Physios with at least ...
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ankle sprain quiz

Ankle sprain quiz – 8 clinical questions for Physios [+ xrays]

This ankle sprain quiz is for Physios of all levels, testing clinical knowledge of pathology and ...
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shin splints quiz

Shin Splints quiz – 5 challenges to test your expertise

This Shin Splints quiz will test your expert knowledge on Shin Splints. Take your time and ...
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lower limb injury quiz

Lower limb injury quiz – 7 quick questions to test your Physio knowledge

Test your Physio clinical knowledge of lower limb injury and clinical assessment! Give yourself 60 seconds ...
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