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traumatic acute knee injury

Case study: Traumatic/acute knee injury

Background This acute knee injury case study focuses on the validity and reliability of Physiotherapy physical examination and special test of the knee. We ...
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shin pain

Case study: Shin pain in a runner

Background - Shin pain This shin pain case study examines diagnostic reasoning including imaging options, interpreting functional tests and causative biomechanics for running injuries ...
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case study on shoulder pain

Case study: Insidious onset shoulder pain

Background This insidious shoulder pain case focuses on comprehensive history taking, interpretation of imaging and physical examination findings and management planning in constrained occupational ...
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case study on lower back pain

Case study: Lower Back Pain with audio comments from Physiotherapy mentor

Background Lower back pain can present diagnostic difficulties without a clear structural diagnosis. Use this case to develop a functional (rather than structural) approach ...
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anterior hip pain

Case study: Anterior hip pain in an office worker

Background - Anterior hip pain This anterior hip pain case will test your knowledge of pathologies that can cause anterior hip pain, your interpretation ...
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complex hip pain

Case study – Complex hip pain with audio comments from our mentors

Background This case study requires advanced reasoning to provide explanations for symptom behaviour and to justify clinical decisions in the absence of a clear ...
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