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hamstring pain

Case study: Hamstring pain in a Physiotherapist and cyclist

Background - Hamstring pain This case study presents a young adult with hamstring pain that does not respond to treatment. It challenges clinical reasoning ...
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heel pain in a teenage footballer

CPD Case Study: Heel pain in a teenage footballer

Background - Heel pain This heel pain case study looks at establishing a firm diagnosis, formulating a management plan including effective modifications to training ...
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case study of insidious onset ankle pain

Case study: Insidious onset ankle pain

Background - Ankle pain This case study of an insidious onset anteromedial ankle pain is designed to challenge Physiotherapist's ability to plan a structured ...
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achilles pain

Case study: Achilles pain in a recreational runner

Background - Achilles pain This case study presents a recreational runner with unilateral Achilles pain. It covers the diagnosis of posterior ankle and heel ...
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case study on midfoot pain

Case study: Midfoot pain in a teenager

Background - Midfoot pain This case study examines a sudden onset of midfoot pain in a female teenager with difficulty returning to full weight ...
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posterior pelvic pain

Case study: Posterior pelvic pain in a young female adult

Background - Posterior pelvic pain This case presents diagnostic difficulties relating to insidious onset posterior pelvic pain. It tests knowledge of musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal ...
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