Physiotherapy CPD online, one coffee at a time

Your development as a Physio is more than just growing clinical skills.

Your Physiotherapy CPD should be about building on your strengths, towards your goals.

Physio Coffee aims to do that, one coffee break at a time.

Free case studies, mentoring or courses?

When it comes to Physiotherapy CPD, it’s hard to know where should you invest your time and money.

Think of it this way – which one best fits your growth plans?

Free case studies and online resources are a simple way to start your Physiotherapy CPD with us. Small bite-sized challenges to test yourself.

Physio CPD courses are designed to deliver the same content to everyone. And there are times in your Physio career you need that generic knowledge when you’re just starting your career.

Mentoring on the other hand delivers only what you require and moves as fast as you can grow.

Mentoring doesn’t cover old ground that you’re already familiar with or provide info that isn’t useful with your target population.

Did you know that one weekend course costs the same as three months of one-on-one Physio mentoring?!?

What we offer?

Physio Coffee offers Physiotherapy CPD online resources, like case studies with audio advice from our mentors. You can access these for free for a limited time.

We offer online and in-person mentoring, to individuals and clinical teams, from post-graduate qualified mentors.

Frequency of meeting, duration of meetings, phone/video/in-person…it’s all up to you and what fits your situation best.

Ready to take the next step?

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