Physio development, one coffee at a time

Physio mentoring is more than just growing clinical skills.

Physio mentoring is about building on your strengths, towards your goals.

Physio mentoring is about always moving forward as a Physio, one coffee at a time.

Did you know that one weekend course costs the same as three months of one-on-one Physio mentoring?!?

Mentoring or courses?

It’s hard to know where should you invest your time and money.

Think of it this way – which one best fits your growth plans?

Courses are designed to deliver the same content to all. And sometimes you need that basic knowledge to start to build.

Mentoring on the other hand delivers only what you require and moves as fast as you can grow.

Mentoring doesn’t cover old ground that you’re already familiar with or provide info that isn’t useful with your target population.

And when it comes to bang for buck, a weekend course can cost as much as three months of mentoring! Which do you think will be more valuable?

What we offer?

All our mentors are post-graduate qualified, practising Physiotherapists who run successful businesses.

We offer versatile delivery of Physio mentoring in a way that suits your schedule and aspirations.

Frequency of meeting, duration of meetings, phone/video/in-person…it’s all up to you and what fits your situation best.

Ready to take the next step?

Shoot us an email, message us on the socials by clicking the icons below or see our FAQs.


How is my mentor allocated?

First we figure out what your career goals are.
Then your mentor will be selected based on their skillset and their career experiences matching your goals.

Will I stay with the same mentor?

Your mentor will map out the best path to stellar growth for you. They’ll guide you every step of the way and refine the plan with every meeting.
If your mentor feels that another mentor could have a helpful contribution, they might arrange one-off sessions if you’re on board with it.
(If you ever wanted a fresh set of eyes on your growth, we can look at liaising with another mentor but we generally don’t advise it.)

Is the mentoring process customised?

The whole process is designed to growing you into the Physio YOU want to become.
Not a generic product but a niche superstar in an aspect of Physio that excites YOU!

How is the mentoring delivered?

That’s the beauty of our program – it can be delivered in a way that matches your circumstances.
We can meet via phone, video or in-person over a coffee.
It fits seamlessly with your schedule, not just adding to your working hours.